New Macbook Pro 2011


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And new price? ;)
I wonder where do you guy have money to buy such expensive machine? Must be a bunch of rich startup people around here. ha.


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Well they're great machines if you don't have to deal with the still unresolved and by Apple ignored screen blink problem (MBP model 2008, not sure if it's present in newer models). Otherwise well worth the money if you can afford it.


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My cousin just bought the old model macbook pro. He would have waited if he knew that the model was changing. Daang.


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new iPad should be first, followed by iPhone in late June early July IIRC.

It's not really a big surprise that not many folks went for the iPhone 4 on Verizon, not with the iPhone 5 being so close. :)

The new MacBook Pro lineup looks very impressive, in addition to the much improved cpu and the new IO system being twice as fast as USB 3 is awesome, though getting peripherals that use it might be tricky. ;)


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  • 17-inch. Starts at $2499.
  • What the hell!!!!!! i could buy a full hardcore gaming pc for this :confused:
  • Do people buy these???!!!!
  • More money than sence
Can you carry that hardcore gaming rig like a large clipboard?

I agree that the top of the line is overly expensive, but that's always the case. There's always a premium on the top of the line, you always get a much better bang for your buck by going down a couple rungs on the product ladder. We homeschool too, so we always get 10% off Mac products anyway, but they are still expensive. The build quality is superb though.