XF 2.1 New install -> vBulletin integration --> Changes before integration?


i'm new to xenforo.
At the moment i've a vBulletin Board runing. The board should be transfered into a new XenForo installation.

To have a "short downtime", i'd like to do same changes in the xenforo-installation, before i integrate the vB database.
For example some TMS-changes, or even some style changes.
Or even some messages, showing to the new users? At the vB are messages to, will this cause a problem? Or will both messages stay as they are?

Whats abaout this changes, after i integrate the vB-database?
Are the changes still there?

kr Chris


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You can't do partial or top up imports.

This guide explains how to do test/final imports to minimise the work and downtime.