New Guitar Forum

Hey guys! I tried out phpBBx last year when I wanted to set up a forum on my site but didn't like it very much. It's not that I didn't think it was a decent forum script but it looks cheesy and was too vulnerable to spam bots. Then I was taking a look at vBulletin but I just never thought it was worth the price tag of nearly $200 (not to me and my budget)- even if it is the most popular (or maybe was until recently).

That being said, I think I read about Xenforo on DigitalPoint and was wondering what it was and how come I'd never heard of it. Next thing I knew I was on this site and totally loving the layout! THIS is worth $140 any day! :D

Anyone care to take a look at my forum?


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Well done - I think for new forums like yours XenForo is an ideal platform - it will certainly encourage users to join and take part. Good luck with it! :)


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Great idea for a forum. Are you going to get another style or stick with the XenForo default style?
We can't really "critique" anything yet. :)


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and tomorrow you will have a new competitor.. it will be called "I Love Power Chords" :D
jk.. Actually i like the idea maybe ill join up when i get a cpl spare minutes.
Again, thanks everyone for the nice welcome! :)

@Peggy I don't think I'll be changing the skin/layout anytime soon actually - I like it!

@VonDoom I SWEAR I got that EXACT idea when I started the site last year! No joke! Almost registered the domain just in case but I couldn't bother with building it up! :p

And yeah it'd be great if you joined up! :)


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Not much to critique yet :)

One thing... why do you have the Wordpress Favicon instead of the Xenforo or a site specific one?
@Kim 'Cause I installed it in a forum directory within my Wordpress blog that has that favicon. I think I'll design my own favicon and use that for the entire site! ...when I get around to it....lmao

Did I mention I REALLY LOVE Xenforo?!! :D Loving it more by the second! :)
#12 do I make one?...and then how would I put it in? (I'm a forum noob lmao)

'Cause I kinda broke the bank to buy Xenforo (and don't regret it in the slightest :) ) so yeah...I'd have to design it myself or ask a friend :/


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Interesting will watch this thread :p Might join up later and learn few things hopefully .

Any plans on changing skin .
@iTuN3r Please do! And then share what you know with others! That's the idea! :) and I'm definitely open to changing the skin and stuff once it's got off and running for a couple weeks :)
I hope this doesn't come off as an unnecessary bump because when I created this thread two months ago I had just bought Xenforo and had made almost no changes to the layout! Now I've finally done lots of tweaking and editing - with the help of some early members - and want some feedback! :D
Thanks! :D

I agree now that you mention it! How would I go about fixing that (preferably without having to edit code)? :confused: Or should I just live with it for now?