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I read this thread before creating this thread seeing if there's been any updates to XF since October.

I'd like to know if it's possible to create users from an Excel sheet on a brand new installation of XF using standard fields (username, email address). And, on a related note, is it possible to import additional information in custom fields such as physical address, phone numbers, skill listings, etc.?

If I need to explain it in more detail let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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Nothing has changed as far as that is concerned.

There is still no other way of creating users other than via the front end in the normal manner or directly in the ACP.

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Quick and dirty solution:
- Use another software to import the users from an excel/csv file.
- Use a supported importer to bring those users over to xenforo.

You wont need to import or anything else so should be fairly clean.


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haven't tried this...yet...opinions on why this would or would not work?? also, how much different would appending to a table that already had data be different than what he did?



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As long as you create all of the necessary records in the various tables, there's no reason why it wouldn't work.

That's essentially all the datawriter does.