Developer found: import about 2000 users from excel or similar list?


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Hi guys.

Is there a way to import about 2000 users from excel or similar list?

We have our paying current members listed and would need the same in Xenforo as members:

- first name, last name as user name
- member number ranging from 01-99999
- email address
- create a random password

And possibly:
When all done, automatically email all users their login credentials.

Willing to pay to get this done, manual one by one import does not feel like a good idea...
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The import itself would be quite easy with phpmyadmin. Mailing if new passwords its the more complicated thing.


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Thanks guys for the feedback.
I am looking for the easiest possible system for the new forum users that will be created, requiring the minimal effort from the new member that quite possibly have never seen a Xenforo forum yet.

So far, i have just received one offer for this.


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Right away run into a problem that i did not think of:

just received the member list as an .xlsm list but not all people have email addresses in it.

Guys, any ideas how to proceed with those no-email members?

(This addon to be coded will be listed here on the resources by the developer).


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Update: with the help of two of his addons below, @Jon W did an awesome job importing all the users just like i wished in the first message.

One thing i did not think of beforehand was that once the users were imported, they automatically received a private message from
@AndyB ´s new user conversation addon and then they were sent an email about the new private message.

We were still on a temporary testdomain and i was not planning to let the users know about the new site just yet.
But live & learn eh :)