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No, I was asking if you were one of the Bob Barker crew members in 2010.

Back to the topic...

I've never understood the idea of needing a clever name, or even one that is about what you do instead of who you are. You are your brand. Your work ethic, training, skill, knowledge, intuition, and experience - all of these are unique to you. Brand yourself. Slavik Consulting & Services (or whatever your real name is) works. It stands the test of time.

"Novell Experts" has little meaning today. The UnixGURU fades for Linux. Anything with virtualization will give way to cloud. Sometime in the future, the clouds will part and give way to another new technology. If YOU are the brand, you can adapt and evolve and the industry does.

There's one other thing it does...

"Why do I do the best job possible? *The company name is MY name, the name of my family. I wouldn't soil the reputation built over generations by risking even one bad job performance."

Good points and one I originally thought of when I first set up.

Unfortunately, my real name is a nightmare to work with :D​​,

Maybe those will help or spark an idea from someone else.

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In my opinion calling something so typical like *tech*something*it* is like calling your web design / web development company - it's very 1996 and sounds so old fashioned.

I rather see a play with words like (though taken)
People that misread it will think men did it .. did what?
mend it .. as in repairing it for you.
Mend IT .. as in IT ..
The domain remains short, hard to 'misread' and invites positivity.

Just my opinion.