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Nested Quotes


For my forum Nested Quotes are important, Multi-Quotes are almost never used.

I edited my File as indicated HERE.

But, as said, that is not ideal.

Attached is an image of how the vB mod I used looks. phpBB handles them very similarly, but as a standard feature, I think. Depth of quotes is set in Admin.

Just getting the feature functioning at first is most important.



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The other was a request for help in the General Support and Questions Forum.

This is a request for an Addon to not have to do the file edit and overcome shortcomings of just doing the File edit.

It was also suggested in that thread I post here with a formal Addon request.


I have used them on my forums for over ten years. On a discussion and debate board they are essential when some issues can be very long containing a lot of different aspects within any given issue.

I have always capped the depth at three, so the oldest gets stripped but the context of the discussion is preserved.

The standard on Xenforo does not work for me or my users. Nested are provided for on many forums, such as SMF, phpBB and others.

Having a setting in Admin to set depth would be ideal, it gives all options. But I would be happy with an Addon.

Bottom line is I need them as do others. We should have a way to have them.


I have never used their product.

Sure, Nested are not needed all the time. But when they are they are. No need to nest, in example, your post with my response here. ;)

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Nothing fancy really.
Just works as you expect it.

I made you a screengrab (sorry I deleted the content).
It's easy to see the different nesting levels.
It is something I expect from forum software.
When I am quoting someone who quoted someone else .... when the forum strips away the first quote .... the response often doesn't make sense.


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I, too, am very used to nested quotes, and having recently migrated to XenForo from PunBB my users are already complaining about the lack of said feature, claiming it makes it hard to follow conversations that span weeks (e.g. if someone replies to a reply that was made a few pages back)!