Cannot reproduce  needed to "Save User" in order to make "e-mail notifications" working again:


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needed to "Save User" in order to make "e-mail notifications" working again:

I checked with my hosting-provider and he said the "e-mail" to a specific user was never "initiated" as per the log-files.
The issue was with old users already registered. When I created a new user-profile this problem did not occur.
So what I did is clicking onto "Save User" in ACP and the "notification mail" got being send to the specific user for which I "saved" his profile again in ACP.

The issue occured with Gmail and GMX-accounts.

So "Save User" in ACP is triggering something which makes "notification e-mails" working again. What is it what "Save User" is doing and how does it relate to "notification e-mails" being send or not ?

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Where did this user come from? Were they imported from vBulletin or IPB? Did they register as a new user? If so, did they register normally, or using Facebook? To what user groups did the user(s) belong? There's an awful lot of information that is required to work out what is happening here.


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the users registered normally. no importer or FB being used.

Just upgraded from a previous RC-version (I don´t remember which RC it was, probably it was RC2) to XF 1.0.0
Specific user registered before my website was upgraded to XF 1.0.0
I do not have any "usergroups" defined or setup. Just plain settings.

Since the upgrade, the "e-mail notification for PM" stopped working. However the "activation-link e-mail" was working fine as members registered after the upgrade to XF 1.0.0.
The specific Forum is running "german language" only. No template changes.

However, this happed to one Forum install only. My other Forum-installs do not show this issue as far as I have tested those.