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Other Need Sticky Profile Post Add-on , will pay$


Well-known member
hello everybody!!

i need a sticky profile post add-on.

It is a simple add-on.

the admin or moderators can sticky a profile post,

i will pay for this, i need this soon

can pay via skrill, freelancer, upwork, etc


you can release it for everyone afterwards, i dont care




Well-known member
i can't buy it, he only accepts paypal and i dont use paypal

so i dont have a choice but pay someone else to do it for me,

thank you


Mike Edge

Formerly Da Bookie Mon
Oh. well good luck :(

Maybe if you ask him, you can send him a money order and he gives you the add-on after you receive it. We have a few clients that pay via Western Union or check as they refuse to use PayPal.


Well-known member
thank you sir for trying to help but i dont want to get into anymore details about it,

i just need someone to make this add-on for me, i can pay by skrill, upwork, freelancer, visa, payoneer

thank you everyone!! i am still searching for someone