Need some new eyes to find bug


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If you view my site via IE7 you will notice an odd space between the graphic border of the categories container and the forumlist (please see attached image).
I have been trying to track down the problem on and off for over 6 hours now and I just cannot find the problem, it's only in IE7 that I get this problem.

(problem is on Church default style)

If anyone has a few moments spare could you please have a peruse in IE7 and see if you can find the problem, I've been trying to find the problem for so long now I can only conclude the problem is right in front of my nose but I am unable to see it for looking, some fresh eyes may be just what I need.



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Frustration at not being able to actually fix this problem after having to lose many hours of trying to fix it has led to my having to 'hack-it' with an if IE7 conditional, not at all happy with my solution but it works and it's all I got.