need new host and transfer


Hello well my current host is kinda bad atm because it doesn't send confirmation emails to gmail, icloud, hotmail and probably many others. I need a new good host either in USA or Australia. So whats a good host i can get that is confirmed of sending confirmation email to all email providers? Also how would I go about transferring my forums to another host?


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Sometimes, it is not the host's fault. Hotmail, for example, is stupid when it comes to mail. A lot of providers and even ISPs have given up on them entirely, and won't even allow you to register for services using a Hotmail address. Gmail can get a little crazy as well, but at least they are [usually] willing to work with you.

Run your IP address through a blacklist (Spamhaus in particular) and see what comes up. If your IP is clean and your host is generally clean, it's not their fault. There are likely other factors involved.