XF 1.5 Need Logo URL help


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Hi I'm very new to this and need to find an answer for my issue.

I'm updating a clients logo within the Xenforo forum and after going over the tutorials I managed to update the main logo before users login which was very simple.
There's another logo after you login at the top left of there page that has a totally different image link and i cant find anywhere to replace this.
I have replaced both logos in my FTP Client but i cant find where to correct the second image target URL.

Has anyone had this problem?

Plus with the new logo that worked its now coming in as a broken link.

Thanks in advance for the help,



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Hey thanks and yes here's the screen shots, sorry i didn't post this earlier. The first is the logo before login and the second is the logo after login. The second has a totally different URL path and i cant find it in the FTP or anywhere in Xenforo admin.



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Use the browser inspector and it will show the path for the image.

I don't see anything viewing your site as a guest so I can't check.


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Hey thanks Brogan. I've already done that and the link doesn't exist. How can i change it to a link that does?
The forum link is http://www.vampireworld.tv/forum/index.php sign up and you'll see what i mean. All in all i just need to change the link, the first works fine but i can't find the broken link anywhere. I've been down the usual route of changing the link in the header part of admin so hence why the first image works. I just need to know where to change it to a link that will work.


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It is hard for us to say, because you are using a custom style. You can search the templates, or the Style Properties for it. Where did you download that style? Have you tried to ask at its support topic or website?


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In all honesty no i haven't, i thought i would try here first because the forum is hosted with Xenforo. I'll check with them and see if the have a solution. My client brought it and asked me to fix it lol. Thanks for the heads up, i'll be back if i don't get anywhere.