Need Logo II

can someone whip me up a 976 X 111
png that says "Boss-302 Owners Group"
im thinking background a little darker blue than xenforo default and maybe white text?
I suck at this sort of thing and I have no income atm.
Its going on
Here is the one that I made as an idea but I totally don't like it at all..and need something...
Thanks for the help... you might not be able to see it as I was using a transparent background over white text... feel free to copy it. logo.png


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Why do you require a logo that's 976 x 111, when the logo your using there now is small default XenForo one? Also, that theme used on your forum uses a gradient background around the logo header area - meaning the logo background is better being transparent. Otherwise it will stand out looking stupid using a solid colour background.

But I can't understand why you listed those size dimensions if the logo is for using with that theme on the forum now.

Anyway, I did this quick designed for that theme, test it if you want and you can only see the other effects it has on that background your forum uses, a faint glowing around it.


This one is just a demo of the one above using the gradient hyper-snapped from your forum (don't use this one)

hey those look nice! The 976 size is what I am going to be using not the default size that is on there.
Let me try that.. I am curious as to what the bottom one would look like as well for S&G.

Adam Howard

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Clear background, good for any background you may have except for white

edit: Fixed the up a bit. Don't know why it looks so poor after uploading it.