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XF 1.2 Need help with my xenforo website


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I have my website installed and I have several questions about my minecraft website. I was wondering if you can list me some good minecraft themes and good addon's for my xenforo minecraft website. List some free ones, then list some premium ones.


How do you make your xenforo website like the xenforo.com homepage? I want mine like that too with a snapshot of my server's spawn.

I also need help with HTML. If you have any guides please link me.

ALSO. I know this is my 3rd also :p. I need help hiding the words when you create a page. Like when it shows the words that you wrote on the page. And, How do you remove the "Members" and "Help" on the nav bar? Please give me the code that you put in the extra.css.

And, I need help on how you interrogate buycraft to xenforo. I've read some guides but I still don't understand them. I want my website's nav bar to have a "Donations" link like the "home" link too. In the donations page, I want it like http://epicgamingcraft.com/compare/ website's. I want it to show my donor-ranks and compare and see what they have. I know that's enjin but I think it is possible with a xenforo page.

Thats all. Please help me, help is really appreciated!


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I have premium buycraft. I also need some good minecraft xenforo styles. I also have the minecraft herocraft server list xenforo addon and whenever I install it, and it's installed and when I put my minecraft server in, it says: There was an error in your javascript. How do I fix that? I've contacted the owner of that addon he still hasn't responded. It's been over 1 month.


XenForo moderator
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For the first one you will need to develop your own solution, either using an add-on or a custom html file (or page node).

Here's a link for learning HTML: http://www.w3schools.com/html/

Edit the Navigation template to remove links.

For help with add-ons or custom code you will need to contact the developers.