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Need help with custon alerts

Discussion in 'XenForo Development Discussions' started by Micheal, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. Micheal

    Micheal Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    I need a little help with a custom alert as when i hover over the alert it show no alert.

    i have it inserting into the database xf_user_alert

    14 1 3 testuser microdownloads 1 fileupdated 1345282675 13452826

    i have also got this for the xf_content_type

    microdownloads MicroDownloads [BLOB - 0B]

    and this for the xf_content_type_field

    microdownloads alert_handler_class MicroDownloads_AlertHandler_FileUpdates

    this is the test code im using

    and this is the code in my handler

    class MicroDownloads_AlertHandler_FileUpdates extends XenForo_AlertHandler_Abstract
        public function 
    getContentByIds(array $contentIds$model$userId, array $viewingUser)
    /* @var $conversationModel XenForo_Model_Conversation */
    $Model $model->getModelFromCache('MicroDownloads_Model_MicroDownloads');
        protected function 
    _prepareReply(array $item)
            if (
    $item['extra'] = unserialize($item['extra_data']);
    //$item['message'] = $item['extra']['message'];
    $item['product'] = $item['extra']['product'];
    this is my template alert_microdownloads_fileupdated

    {xen:phrase microdownloads_file_updated,
        'name={xen:helper username, $user, 'subject'}',
        'link={xen:link microdownloads, $content}',
    anyone that could help would ge great thank you.

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