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XF 1.5 Need help with category images (3 image cat header)

I have made lots of progress converting my themes to XF, but I am stumped with this. I own the copyright to two themes that Kim designed many years ago for IPB. I purchased the copyright from Kim (Dragonfly) when she was going out of business. I have made lots of progress on them but am stuck with the 3 image category header. I have been able to figure out 3 image forum headers, but cant find where to change the theme for the category headers. Probably CSS I would imagine.



Well-known member
You need to edit property @categoryStrip

Set triple background in extra field like this
background: url("path_to_left_image.png") 0 0 no-repeat, url("path_to_right_image.png") 100% no-repeat, url("path_to_middle_image") 0 0 repeat-x;
Thanks Arty. There is a little issue with the right image though using that. It is offset 5px-10px. I will post what it looks like tonight when I have my snagit software.


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I guess image has transparent corners and middle background gets through it? Then you need to redesign corner images, adding background color in transparent areas.