Need help with a styling problem


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Not sure what I did or how this happened. But when I click any of my forums I get this gray space at the bottom.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to push this gray part down in the picture below so I can see the background.

Thank you!



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It seemed clearing the background color did not have any effect, as I tried that before posting here.

So this is what worked for me.

Inside Style properites, General, HTML. I had to copy the background image path there also.

Thanks for helping me out, I just missed that HTML part.



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Did you have the background only applied on body? You can just delete that, as html will override it anyway (not that it matters, it is just more "correct", and in some cases it might cause some visual glitches). The difference between html and body is that the html tag is the entire document, while the body is just the part with tags in it. So when you had so few posts (low height), the body tag was had a lower height than the html tag, and as such the background of the html tag (the solid grey color) was visible below the body tag.