XF 1.5 Need help preventing spam


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I tried installing keycaptcha, setting post requirement for posting links, and blocking phrases. I also have the plugin "TPU: Detect Spam Registrations" installed.

I woke up this morning and found out the bot managed to spam over 500 threads over night.

Example of spam: http://i.imgur.com/JDuhl8p.png

All help will be appreciated.


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You can't prevent all spam, whether it be by a bot or human.

At best you can mitigate it by using the built in tools, which will need to be tweaked and updated based on the type of spammers targeting your site.

Personally I have the first 3 posts set for manual approval, which prevents all spam from ever being publicly visible.


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It's worth also double checking that you have the "Bypass flood check" and "Bypass spam check" permissions set to Not Set (No) for the Registered user group and that the flood check timer (ACP > Performance > Minimum Time Between Messages (seconds) ) is set to 30 seconds (the default setting). I mention this because it would take a bot/human nearly 4.5 hours to create 500 threads (based on 2 seconds to create and post a thread and 30 seconds before they can post the next thread).