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Just received this from my hosting company.. Which option should I pick?

Dear Customer,

We are sending you this notice in regards to the critical system software on your VPS reaching the end of it's life. Your cPanel install, version 56, will reach the end of its life span on March 31st, 2017. cPanel will no longer release any security patches or updates for your software since they have determined that cPanel v56 will be the last version available for your operating system of CentOS6 32bit. To ensure that you are continually kept up to date with the latest software and security patches to be able to continually provide you with the best support possible we are offering you two upgrade paths to update your VPS to the latest base operating system of CentOS7 64bit.

Option #1 - The in place upgrade.
This option allows you to keep your existing IP addresses and we perform an in place upgrade to your VPS. During this process your VPS will experience between 15 minutes to 1~ hour of downtime to allow for us to transition your files to the new system. We carefully compare and diagnose each system before hand to ensure that the new upgraded operating system matches your old configuration as closely as possible. This is performed free of charge on a first come first serve basis and is the preferred method to bring you up to date as quickly as possible.

Option #2 - Standard migration.
This option will provide you with a second VPS with new IP addresses free of charge for 4 days. During this time you will be able to work with our support staff to perform a traditional cPanel migration of your websites and services from your old VPS, to a brand new updated VPS. You would not experience any downtime in transitioning this way, but it is a slower process and requires updating your name servers and external services to new IP addresses. Should your migration extend past the 4 day period you may be billed for two VPS's until the migration is complete.

**WARNING Ruby/Rails Install Detected**

Our system has detected that you have a Ruby/Rails install on your VPS. cPanel does not currently support Ruby installations on CentOS 7 systems. If you need Ruby/Rails support on your VPS you will need to remain on your current operating system. If you are no longer using Ruby/Rails applications, please select your upgrade option and inform us of this so we may remove the Ruby/Rails installs on your system. For more information you can reference the cPanel requirements for Ruby installs here:

If you would like to begin your migration to the new operating system, or if you have any questions about this process, simply reply to this email and let us know which option you would like to select.

We thank you for being a valued customer!



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I would do Option 2. If something goes horribly wrong, you're not impacted negatively and left scrambling trying to repair the damage.

I would negotiate it out and ask for more time on Option 2 instead of four days.


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ok the option 2 is selected my migration is starting...

what about this should I be concerned?

Since your old server uses a version of MySQL lower than 5.6, it's possible that some of your sites may use MySQL's old style of password hashing.


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I went with option 1 (Knownhost right?). Went smooth and only about 1 minute of downtime and didn't have to adjust any DNS or IP settings.