Need Help Managing little kid spammers

i have install TAC and most of the security and anti-spam add ones there is but i really need something to restrict bb codes for certain users or add criteria to who can use it like

post images, links, videos ect and must be like 2-3 days old and have a certain post count and likes and so on.

now there is content posted on my site that requires a certain post count to view and there is thousands of threads or just normal good threads being spammed the **** out off just for there post count to rise...

or little random kiddies creating random accounts and spamming my forums i need a good way to limit and redistrict this. atm i have a rule restricting links for a certain number of days but thats about it..

so can any one help?

i need some kind of spam detection system and notify admins or moderators in the alerts message for known spammers
and maybe a special page listing all known spammers and able to manual ban and clean there spam or even better an automated banning system! on suspicious spammers such as when a user post random stuff in a certain amount of time could be one criteria.

any thing good please post here:

is there any add ones with the below specifications?
such as: automated banning system
notification alert to selected user groups to report known suspicious spammers/spamming activity
list all suspicions spammed threads
clean all suspicious spam
list all suspected spammers in a list

when banning or cleaning know spammers also automatically reset there post count

when cleaning known spammers clean all there posts and threads they made but only delete spam not useful content

thank you.