Need help for Setting properly my Subdomain

Regina Ortega

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I want that my users use the url: for join to my forum. But i created the subdomain and it redirect me to my homepage ( so send me to and not to the folder inside called "forum"

Hope someone teach me how to do it well :3

I don't have CPANEL, i know its easy to do with cpanel.
Its not a shared hosting, i've my own vps for hosting my website and forum.

Thanks for your answers! Everything is helpful and im very thankful for your time.
Thanks for your reply, i will try and reply you.

By the way i tried to change the folder "Forum" to "foro" but i can't i installed xenforo with "forum" there is a way to change the name of the folder?
Rename the folder on the server and update this setting:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Board URL
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