Add-on Need Customization For SimpleForms

I have Simple Forms installed on my site and I need a simple customization added to it. I use SimpleForms as a makeshift Classified system for my site.

Use Case:
  • When a user submits a form, the form result that is posted as a new thread will remains active for a configurable amount of time.
  • When that time is reached, the post becomes expired and will send a message to the original poster informing them that their post has expired.
  • In the message, the system will offer a link to repost the item and thus restarting the timer .
  • In the message, the system will also offer a link that will mark the item as "Item Gone", thus closing the thread and placing a banner or ribbon across the original post of that thread with the words, "Item Gone".
Please message me if you believe you can do this customization.

Thank you.