Other Need CTA Configured and Usergroup Permissions set up and a few style edits


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I am looking for someone to create a usergroup and set up the appropriate permissions to see threads in a private group within the forums (I already have the forums created)

I have CTA installed and running. But I have been away from xenforo for some time so I would like someone familiar with this add on to check and make sure I don't have something crazy done and be able to answer some questions as I can navigate around the admincp fairly descent.

Lastly I have a theme from themehouse installed and I would like someone who is familiar with their configurations as there are so many I just do not have time to research what does what and where to make a change. I basically need someone to take a look at the configuration and making the few changes that would reflect my website whereas there styles (I got Rekt) comes displayed with the title in several different places. PM me if you are interested. Thank you