Need avatar border similar to Hypixel.


My Style Suite addon allows for user-specific avatar borders but admittedly they don't look as good as the example, so you might find it lackluster. You can replace the frames I provide with your own by editing a CSS file and then 1 small section of another template that handles the dropdown selection though.


I need it to be per group tho, so like VIP group, etc.

I also need Avatar border, so if you find one please reply
I've just released an update that implements basic per-Group frame control - you can see a demo at Admin frame, Member frame.
There is also a "Moderator" frame and "VIP" frame.
The Group frame will show if A) A group frame has been set & B) No user frame has been set. User frames take priority, but you can revert back to the group frame by removing your user frame.

This is the only other usergroup frame addon I know of, but it doesnt look like it supports images.

Tracy Perry

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