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Need a new dedicated server hosting company

Have been with GoDaddy for years and their technical support just fell through the floor.

I've got a couple XenForo installations, one "big board" and one moderate sized board. A couple/three Wordpress installations and a few other things.

I'm looking for reliability and, quite frankly, more than a bunch of broken links to a customer service chat and low-knowledge multi-tiered support.

Who do you guys suggest? Oh, WHM/CPanel is a must.


Well-known member
We use WebNX, Quadranet, and Incero for dedicated servers/co-location, and would absolutely recommend any of them. Have literally never had a single outage with any of them, aside from tiny (i.e. 5 or so minutes at the most) scheduled outages from time to time for network upgrades or such. They truly live up to their 100% network uptime SLA. And support will normally answer within minutes if you need something.

If you want a managed server, Knownhost and Wiredtree are very good at that.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
I've been with QuadraNet (@WSWD suggested them) and have been very happy with them so far (about 6 months now).
I have one of their specials that I lucked out on which fit just fine for me (dual E5620, 96GB RAM, 8x1TB SATA drives in RAID 10).
They have had a few outages but none for more than a few minutes (1 was planned, 1 was mitigation of a large DDOS attack on another server and 1 other that I don't remember what was from).

Joe Link

Well-known member
I've been with Liquid Web for years, and I can't say enough good things about them. I'm literally afraid to even consider switching hosts because their customer service and support is so good.