XF 1.2 Need a list of changed (or unchanged) and new templates for 1.2


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Today I started to update my style to xf 1.2 and it's a pain, I don't know where to start. I can't use the outdated templates system because my style is/was TMS only. I figured I need to compare every 1.2 template against its 1.1 version via a diff tool to figure out if something was changed or not. From there I can apply step by step my own edits. It would help a lot to have either a list of all templates that have been changed since 1.1.5 (+ new templates) or a list of all unchanged templates (+ new templates).

Chris D

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Just goes to show, despite the benefits of TMS -- even the official one in 1.2 -- direct template edits would be better after all.


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How are the chances that changed templates still have a 1.1 or older version string?

Looks like I didn't understand your question. If you are looking to see which templates have been changed since 1.1.5, use phpmyadmin. Search in the xf.template table for the field version id with:

>= 1020000