need a hand with addon xml question

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a popular paid add-on i use on my site recently upgraded to 2.5.7 i installed the update but something went wrong as i was
having errors and seemed to be the only person having errors,

then the developer relased 2.5.7a to fix an issue

the developer told me to reaaply the xml upgrade to fix my problems

insted for reapplying 2.5.7 i went ahead and ran the 2.5.7a

this did not fix my issues, i then tried to re apply the 2.5.7 xml but it wouldnt let
me because it was an older version

i contact developer and he refused to help me

so i ask if i can change the version number of the 2.5.7 xml to 2.5.7a then run it and then run the real 2.5.7a xml after it , would that work?

can i just edit the version number in the code of the xml?
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