Add-on Need a Dedicated XenForo Expert Developer


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I've been struggling with this for months.

Just like with vBulletin there seem to be a bunch of folks who "sort of" know XenForo just enough to be somewhat effective at creating addons, fixing bugs, and doing upgrades, etc.

Most people seem to be hobbyists however.

It has been difficult to find someone who really knows this code and has a long history here of participation to back it.

I need someone to be a dedicated point-person for XenForo for the next couple years, as issues arise. Someone who will stick around longer than a week :) Someone available by Skype who I can toss things to, and get them handled in a reasonable time.

We are about to blow up our forums to do quite a few of advanced functions soon. I've partnered with a marketing team who is going to need things to be done with the forum in the way of addons and customizations that wont be lost during upgrades. So i need someone reliable and expert level with XenForo.

Ideally someone who:

* Has a long posting history here, with participation and Add-ons written already.
* Can write addons that could be fairly complex.
* Can handle upgrades, and ensure no customizations are lost during the upgrade.
* Is responsive (replies same day or within 24 hours)
* Does not disappear for weeks on end :)
* Can turn things around in a reasonable time (24 hours to a week depending on complexity)

Is such a Unicorn out there? :)