Won't fix Navigation Dropdown Menus Not Hiding When Focusing In The Editor


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Steps to reproduce:
  • Go to new thread creation page,
  • Hover over one of the navigation links like Resources or Members and allow the sub-menu drop down to appear,
  • Now click in the Rich Text Editor.
Expected behavior: Sub-menu should be hidden.
Actual behavior: It remains visible.
Previous behavior: This issue exists in the current stable release XF-1.1 as well.
Possible reason: RTE uses a different document hence focus and blur events are not bubbling up to the parent document.
Browser: Google Chrome 27


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This is one of those things that probably isn't worth the effort to fix.

The problem is that we attach the click handler to the document, but the editor is an iframe with a separate document so it doesn't get the click events. Notably, the editor may not even exist when the popup menus are setup.


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Thanks @Mike for the explanation. This is not a blocking issue anyway. :)

I have to admit that I have learned so much from your comments in bug related threads. :)
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