XF 2.1 Navigation -- can't rename?

Wildcat Media

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Documentation here says:

The default top-level navigation items control important XenForo functionality, so while you may rename and reorder them, and reorganise their sub-navigation items, it is not advised that you should remove them or change their type.​
Yet when I go into the Public Navigation setup...


Title is greyed out. I need to change that in a few places. I find the wording non-intuitive for our purposes. For instance, this one here should be saying "Threads you've started."

I'm having other issues with Navigation that are frustrating at best, but those I'd save for the suggestion box. And I have many suggestions...
OK, I'll use that as a temporary measure.

I find it clumsy and inconsistent, though. This should be editable in the navigation editor. If I should be able to add and edit navigation items in one place, renaming these "special" entries should be possible there as well. (But I do expect the Navigation ID to remain set in stone.) More to add to my upcoming suggestions. 😉 Thanks!
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