XF 1.5 Navigation Bar Questions

T Money

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Hello all,

I am trying to change the Navigation Bar, and need some help.


Here's what I'd like to do:

1. Change font for the "main" top row
What are my font options and is there somewhere I can check? And how to add additional fonts? Is there a specific way to enter in the "Font Family"? I tried to enter "Trebuchet,serif" but does not work (I get some Time New Roman looking font instead).


2. Add or remove the Nav Bar tabs:
I some how managed to add the "Products" tab; I added some code to HTML, I don't remember. I don't think I did this correctly. Brogan mentioned there is a add-on for this, where can I find it?

3. Change the secondary Nav bar tabs:
How would I make a change the secondary bar tabs? (the blue bar). I tried the "Nodes as tabs" add-on but this does not seem to be appropriate. I'd like to make it a drop menu.

Thank you



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The font probably needs to be Trebuchet MS.

Adding or removing tabs requires editing the navigation template, otherwise if it's a node, you can use the nodes as tabs add-on.

I'm not aware of any other navigation related add-ons.

T Money

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Thanks Brogan, "Trebuchet MS" worked. But what are my font options? Is there a folder I somewhere I can check?

For tabs, is there a guide of how to edit the navigation template? And I thought there was a add-on where I can showcase and sell products?


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Recently I've customized my bar with Custom Tabs and some extra CSS.
I also got rid the secondary bar:
Still not 100% sure about this change but I like the result, more clean. :coffee:

T Money

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I downloaded and installed Custom Tabs, but where do I go to use this? I don't see it on Style Properties/Header and navigation


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I've customized the navigation bar with own codes in extra.CSS.
I use the addon for add new links without edit the template. (more easy)
if you're using the default template I could help you with it. is just copy and paste few lines in EXTRA.css.