XF 1.2 Nav Container, Nav Bar & Nav Tab Formatting Issues

I'm not sure what setting/settings I adjusted to create this mess but I'm out of ideas on how to fix it.

Here's a screenshot of the what's going on:


And here's what it looked like before the mishap - nice eh? :)

I added the red background colors in the top image to try and trace which element is causing the problems. This has also pushed down the nav bar text into the banner below

I've even tried pulling the default CSS settings over from my stock Xenforo properties to see if that cured it - nothing.

Any ideas?

I'm still developing the board, but would be happy to make the board active long enough for everyone to check out.

Adam - DawSource.Com


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Can someone post the default header template code? I think If I insert fresh code I might be able to solve this.
If you ever need the default code you can simply revert your customizations on that specific template, of course make a backup of the content first :).


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Gave it shot - no luck.

Reverted all the templates associated with the Header and Nav Bar. No luck.

This is driving me nuts...
It appears it could be in your style properties, try Header & Navigation,

check your navTab height, it's showing as just 25, not 25px.

You could revert a few of the style properties in that section.

You, kind sir, have solved the problem! That's exactly what it was!

Those entry boxes must be more picky than actual CSS...

Thanks again,