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Would be great if the app had thread thumbnails and short text excerpts in the thread list view, like on Tapatalk. In addition tags and prefixes could be assigned default images by admin so if there are no images in the first post then prefix and tag images could be used as thumbnails.

Thumbnails could be retrieved in this order:

1) The first image in the first post
2) Tag image (admin could choose to use this on a specific thread instead of the first image)
3) Prefix image

If there were no thread images, tags or prefixes then there would be more space for thread topic and text excerpt. That is also fine :)

Thread lists would be a lot more informative and engaging to view with thumbnails and text excerpts. They would also decrease back and forth navigation between thread lists and threads. It is also easier to remember what threads one has already watched.

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Is that image Tapatalk ?


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it does look nice.

Does this app have support for images in any respect ?
I haven't really used the app. You can download it for free and signing up as a forum owner is also free. I think that if it really was a great app there wouldn't be demand for Audentio's community app.
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Hey all! Hope your week is going well. Here at Audentio we've made a few updates to our community app that we're excited to share, one of which is the ability to access your WordPress articles in your app alongside the community! This feature pulls WordPress content into the app so your community members can enjoy reading the articles you create. Take a look here!


Please send me a DM with the price. Thank you!


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Hey everyone! 😊 We're happy to share some incredible updates to our Community App, including:
  • Better native rendering of threads
  • A new feeds experience that functions more like what social media users are used to
  • Profile posts / status update feature
  • In-app purchases / user upgrades
  • WordPress integration
  • And navigation restructure to show more custom content
Take a look below to see it in action, and learn more here. Have a great week!