XF 2 Native Android App (browser + push notifications) for xF2


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Hello all!

I'm already a xF2 developer, but I don't have Java / Android development knowledge.
So I have the following (paid) request / project for you! :)

Here are some notices:
- We have to use the https://cordova.apache.org/ to build an Android (not iOS) native app for xF2.

- The app should be just a web browser with a welcome screen (loading - splash screen) with our logo. So it will load our site well, since it is already responsive.

- If user has no internet connection, a small popup (alert) should be displayed asking for internet connection.

- From xF2 side, I need a getter for XF/Entity/User to detect if user was browsing via the android app. Example: public function getIsAndroidApp().
I have already built a "Core" (modifications) addon for my forum where I can place this getter, so, if the app was not need extras (xF2 addon with class extensions etc), you can provide me just the php code of the getter. Of course if there is a way to detect the android app browsing and it is not need a lot of work.

- I can provide my site logo in a very high resolution, the app short title and the app extended title in greek for the Play Store.

- We need the app to be able to receive push notifications, exact like the integrated PWA of xF2.

- Finally, I need to help me step by step how to upload the app on the Play Store.

Send a private message with a max quote in USD or EUR and also a small description about your previous completed, Android application development projects.
The preferred payment method is PayPal.
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