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Name my mod


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I am going to create a simple little mod to add permissions for google analytics tracking so you can disable it for certain groups (good for when starting a new community and you don't want to show your own activity or the activity of your admins).

But I can't think of a name for it! :)


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So, my first thought..."mix his name with analytics"...which results in RoboAnal...don't really like that one...

so...my second thought: Analytics Group Options (very catching, flashy, and original! lol)


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Well I usually make mods under the 'Mercenary Design' name like mercGallery, mercDownloads etc. I like that name ^ but can't think of a way to add merc to it which I would like if it can work... mercAnalytics? I think I'll just make it "[mercDesign] Analytics Group Options" or something?


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The only problem with that is it suggests I do more than simply give the option to disable it per usergroup... guess in the future I might make it do more.

Hmmm.. well mod is almost done anyway. Need to decide quick :p