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Nadulas Gamer

Nadulas Gamer 1.4.4.

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DEZero submitted a new resource:

Nadulas Gamer - Gaming Style for your forums.

Name: Nadulas Gamer

This style was created for gaming websites, of course it may be used by any forum that would like to use it.

*All colors can be changed via Color Palette, I have included a PSD for the Logo, Category, and Sidebar Heading if you wish to change the color for those as well.

The Design was mocked up by Jean Gonzalez(art-collective.net), and transferred on to Xenforo by myself (DEZero).

Please note, I am still working on the horizontal postbit, thus activating...
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That section is controlled via the Section Main, which can be found in Styles -> Nadulas Gamer -> Style Property Groups -> Building Blocks -> Section Main, from here it will be in the Background options(do note that it will affect the whole board is you change this, my suggestion would be to possibly make a slightly darker background than the image I provided as to not lose the effect of the style)


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Just a quick note to everyone, I have officially moved into my new place and have internet so I will going through this style and making the appropriate adjustments for 1.3.0


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You'll have to go into the nadulasgamer.css or nadulas.css, and look for anything related to .messageuserBlock, and simply delete it.