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XF 1.5 Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '139' for key 'PRIMARY'

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by habplusmode, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. habplusmode

    habplusmode Member

    Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '139' for key 'PRIMARY'

    how do you fix this do you need to find it in mysql and delete>
  2. Mike

    Mike XenForo Developer Staff Member

    We'd need the full backtrace and request details for the error, as listed in the server error log.
  3. habplusmode

    habplusmode Member


    The following error occurred:

    Mysqli statement execute error : Duplicate entry '143' for key 'PRIMARY'
    1. Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli->_execute() in Zend/Db/Statement.php at line 297
    2. Zend_Db_Statement->execute() in Zend/Db/Adapter/Abstract.php at line 479
    3. Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract->query() in Zend/Db/Adapter/Abstract.php at line 574
    4. Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract->insert() in XenForo/Model/ThreadRedirect.php at line 136
    5. XenForo_Model_ThreadRedirect->insertThreadRedirect() inLiamW/ThreadRedirect/Extend/DataWriter/Discussion/Thread.php at line 25
    6. LiamW_ThreadRedirect_Extend_DataWriter_Discussion_Thread->_discussionPostSave() inPrefixForumListing/Extend/DataWriter/Discussion/Thread.php at line 48
    7. PrefixForumListing_Extend_DataWriter_Discussion_Thread->_discussionPostSave() in XenForo/DataWriter/Discussion.php at line 467
    8. XenForo_DataWriter_Discussion->_postSave() in XenForo/DataWriter.php at line 1423
    9. XenForo_DataWriter->save() in XenForo/TagHandler/Thread.php at line 78
    10. XenForo_TagHandler_Thread->updateContentTagCache() in XenForo/Model/Tag.php at line 548
    11. XenForo_Model_Tag->adjustContentTags() in XenForo/TagHandler/Tagger.php at line 325
    12. XenForo_TagHandler_Tagger->save() in XenForo/ControllerPublic/Forum.php at line 841
    13. XenForo_ControllerPublic_Forum->actionAddThread() in LiamW/ThreadRedirect/Extend/ControllerPublic/Forum.php at line47
    14. LiamW_ThreadRedirect_Extend_ControllerPublic_Forum->actionAddThread() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 351
    15. XenForo_FrontController->dispatch() in XenForo/FrontController.php at line 134
    16. XenForo_FrontController->run() in /home/habbooncia/public_html/forum/index.php at line 13
  4. Sunka

    Sunka Well-Known Member

    It could be related to @Liam W addon Thread redirect.
    Try to disable that addon and see ould be that error show up again
  5. habplusmode

    habplusmode Member

    @Sunka i wanna uninstall the app i did but the mysql database is still there and that db is needed or i cant delete nodes and stuff
  6. Sunka

    Sunka Well-Known Member

    Better ask @Liam W in addon dedicated thread

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