XF 1.4 MySQL/server issues caused by query

hi, I'm getting problems with my forum/server over the past few days which is causing my server/forum to stop responding. The following query I think maybe causing or contributing to it. Could anyone help?

SELECT thread.*
user.*, IF(user.username IS NULL, thread.username, user.username) AS username,
node.title AS node_title, node.node_name,
post.message, post.attach_count,
deletion_log.delete_date, deletion_log.delete_reason,
deletion_log.delete_user_id, deletion_log.delete_username,
NULL AS thread_read_date,
0 AS thread_is_watched,
0 AS user_post_count,
uix_last_post_user.avatar_date AS uix_last_post_user_avatar_date,
uix_last_post_user.username AS uix_last_post_user_username,
uix_last_post_user.avatar_width AS uix_last_post_user_avatar_width,
uix_last_post_user.avatar_height AS uix_last_post_user_avatar_height,
uix_last_post_user.gravatar AS uix_last_post_user_gravatar,
uix_last_post_user.gender AS uix_last_post_user_gender,
uix_last_post_user.is_banned AS uix_last_post_user_is_banned
FROM xf_thread AS thread

LEFT JOIN xf_user AS user ON
(user.user_id = thread.user_id)
LEFT JOIN xf_node AS node ON
(node.node_id = thread.node_id)
LEFT JOIN xf_post AS post ON
(post.post_id = thread.first_post_id)
LEFT JOIN xf_deletion_log AS deletion_log ON
(deletion_log.content_type = 'thread' AND deletion_log.content_id = thread.thread_id)LEFT JOIN xf_user AS uix_last_post_user ON (uix_last_post_user.user_id = thread.last_post_user_id)
WHERE (thread.node_id = 2) AND (thread.sticky = 0) AND (thread.discussion_state IN ('visible'))
ORDER BY thread.last_post_date DESC


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That appears to be related to UI.X so the best place to seek support would be from the author/in the resource thread.


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ORDER BY thread.last_post_date DESC
This may actually be from page 4510 being browsed in the forum in question. You can help this by limiting the threads that show up in the forum using the "Thread List Date Limit" option to hide older threads by default.