MySQL and PHP Knowledge needed to install and operate XenForo


How much knowledge of MySQL and PHP do I need to install and operate Xenforo Forum on my GoDaddy web hosting?

Is it just upload and go?
Do I need to code in MySQL? I do not have much knowledge of this.
I have more knowledge of PHP. Do I need to write much PHP to get the forum working?

Please explain as I want to buy it but could I manage to write the code as I am a MySQL amateur.


OK - I'll look at the installation guide.

A few questions:

1. What about the new account/user side of things? Will people be able to sign-up for accounts without me needing to code anything?

2. When somebody posts in the forum I presume it is saved in a MySQL database. Is this easy to manage? If somebody writes something offensive is it easy to delete it (just delete their comment)? Also do posts get deleted after say a year - can you set the automatic deletion time period?

3. Is it easy to add adverts around the forum? At the top and right-hand side? Could I edit the forum in DreamWeaver for these purposes?

4. If I do not pay extra to remove your XenForo branding, where do you add branding? Will there be space for me to add my own company logo? Plus if the forum user is on my site at my domain name how/where does the user see to click to go to




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1. Yes, in the same way you signed up for an account here.

2. There are moderation tools to deal with content. You should never directly manipulate the database as it will cause corruption and problems, resulting in errors.

3. You can use the built in ad_ templates.

4. The branding is in the bottom left of the footer: Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2014 XenForo Ltd."
There is a phrase you can edit to add your own. Your logo you put in place of the XenForo logo in the header.
OK - Good to hear you have built in moderation tools.

For SEO purposes and coding issues would you recommend having the forum within a website? Or on a separate domain name?

I was initially thinking add the Forum to my current website. I am now wondering whether it will be better to have it at a separate domain. Obviously, a new domain would need to gain credibility with Google but apart from that?

And, I think you answered this already but, is my PHP and MySQL hosting with Godaddy sufficient to manage LIVE forums with LIVE content being added? Or would I need to buy from services from GoDaddy to get the forum working?




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I couldn't comment on SEO.

GoDaddy hosting is very basic and people do occasionally have issues with it.
For the most part it should work for small sites but once the site grows, you may need to upgrade.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.
Where would you recommend hosting the forum? At what hosting company? We do not want to buy a forum if it is going to crash or lose postings.

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For shared hosting I'd suggest they've only been around for a couple of years, but they know what they are doing and their support is top grade.
If I was to host on GoDaddy and it started crashing a lot could I transfer to another host and transfer all the posts without losing the forum content?



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Yes, you can migrate to another host.

If there is a catastrophic crash/failure though, it is possible that some or all content will be lost.


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No, I'm not familiar with any hosts to be able to recommend any.

I would recommend checking out the various forums related to discussing hosts.