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Our constitutional rights are under attack. Not only has Facebook made it known they do not support our 2nd amendment by disbanding Firearm groups. Now they are attacking the first part of the 2nd Amendment which promises us our right to form a Militia.

Soon all related groups may be removed and they will lose touch with fellow members. I have scrambled to assemble a new website My Militia

The site includes:

- The webs foremost Militia links directory (over 150 links and growing daily)
- Self-Reliance Institute (guides and handbooks including public domain military training manuals)
- Interactive Militia finder map (clickable map that notifies you of militias in your area)
- Discussion forum (conversing of all Militia related topics)
- Public and Private Chatrooms

Took me 14 hours to make the map...
Militia Finder Map

Check the site out and i welcome any and all feedback , if it sucks tell me why

Good idea for a forum, and nice looking site. I like the logo, a lot.
You need to add a margin at the bottom of the page as some copyrighted text in the footer is covered by the arrow chat container in the footer, that's about the only negative thing I could find, :)
This is a very bold statement (and quite possibly not true) - We are the definitive resource for any information related to Militias

It might be better to say - We aim to be the definitive resource for any information related to Militias (y)

Oh, and you might want to consider making that massive homepage notice dismissable too!! ;)
... and replaced it with big titles, lots of spacing, banner ads, etc. so the content doesn't start until 60% down the screen (and that's on a generous desktop size / big monitor). Then there are all the other things ...

But if you're happy with it, that's cool. :cool: (y)
To illustrate, I've shaded the non-content area on your homepage:


Now I appreciate that the big patriotic flag visual may appeal to the kind of person you are looking to attract to your community, but it could easily be trimmed in height to bring some of your content "up" the page, as could the spacing between horizonal elements, and moving the banner add to the very top header section would bring it up further.

Your actual forums - the place where the 'conversation' will take place, the area that will 'make' your community - is completely hidden from view and is NOT available through the navigation at all !!! THAT is a major stumbling block if you want people to come and chat.

When you click on POSTS to get recent posts, again a large portion of the screen is taken up with non-content to the point where only 4 threads are visible (this is also true for each of your forums):


Threads are a little better, but still have 50% of the page taken up with the header:


It's not a bad style, per se, but the size of elements, amount of padding and placement of ads make it way too fat and you end up pushing important content out of the way to accommodate a "look"; which is the wrong way around if you're looking to build a busy community! ;)

Get more of the content up the page and in to view - it'll help. (y)
thanks i dont see some of them
elements because the top ad is disabled for all site supporters and staff.

will look into moving more content above the fold thanks
Your content...umm....most of the threads on your site are just copy and pastes from other sites and have zero replies.

Good luck i guess.
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