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MyBB Theme that looks like XenForo

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Hey guys I would like a MyBB theme but look like xenforo (Cause I am jealous that I use MyBB not XenForo) for free, Here is a example:


(View this live: http://forums.tyzoid.com)

Maybe the (Login or Sign up) Drop down at the top! and then you can login or signup :D

I would kinda like it like this witch is a XenForo (Top one was MyBB):


(View live at: http://forums.bukkit.org)

I would like the "Signed in as Minetoday356) widget and "BukkitDev Staff Online Now" but for me say "Color Network Staff Online Now" and for posts I would like it to look like this:


With the profile picture then there rank/role in the red or blue :D
If this is possible I would like the profiles to look like this:


So you have the "Following" & "Followers" and I would love if its possible for "Profile Posts"

Thank you for everyone that trys to make it :D

- Orange


Not open for further replies.