my site won't load on my wifi but all other sites work


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2 desktops , 4 laptops , 3 iPhone 6 and 1 iPhone 5

1 vista machine
1 windows 10
5 windows 7
1 macbook pro

site will load when i use hot spot on my phones and load fine on my phones but will not load if i connect my phones to my wifi and will not load off any machine connected to home internet via cat5, all other sites load just fine but my forum will not load the connection times out.

anyone else had something like this happen to them?
First thought is your ISP DNS or whichever DNS you are using for WiFi and Wired connections needs to be refreshed.
still haven't fixed this cannot access my site using home internet, cycled power on router and everything every site works but mine and its this way at another location as well i think the site takes too long to load and unless the internet is really fast the browser kicks out before the page is done. i had added some content to the head tag so i removed it and it still won't load
You could do some ping & traceroute tests to your site to see what's happening along the road, especially comparing the results of when it is and isn't working. Also, trying to connect to your site through the IP address rather than URL to check if the DNS is the issue might not be a bad idea.
I have had this issue. Working with my tech support I fixed it, sadly I forgot what it was. Usually its an issue where you tripped your own brute force protection. Check your firewall, CP Hulk and the rest.
@DieselMinded As others have already said, you should contact your host and check that you have not gotten caught by a firewall, brute-force prevention, or other security feature. If they do not identify any issues, contact your ISP and check that their security measures haven't blocked you.
my site still won't load on wifi all other sites work fine

In most cases, this is caused by some sort of firewall on the server. You can become blocked if certain triggers are met (multiple failed logins to cPanel or email for example).

One example, lets say you have an email client on your desktop and you've changed your email password but didn't update this in the email client, this could cause you to become blocked.

The first step is to contact your web hosting provider, provide them with your IP address and have them check the firewall. If you're listed, they should be able to remove you and you'll be able to access your sites again :).
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