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XF 1.1 my site so slow


Active member

Server hardware:
Dual Xeon E5620 (16 CPU)
Ram 8 GB DDR3
Hard Drive SCSI 15,000 RPM

Server Software:
CENTOS 64 bit
Apache 2.2
php 5.3.8
mysql 5.1.56

Server load Now 0.31
Memory Used Now 17.9%

Configuration :
Xcache 1.3.2 ( configured it in xenforo config.php )
styles & js hosted in Amazon s3 CDN (use default template )

test for my site
Load Time: 6.931s

test for xenforo.com
Load Time: 2.220s


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Your site loaded in about 2 seconds for me.

Tried 10 times (hard refresh) and they were all around the same.

If it is slowing down at peak times, then it is probably due to too much load.