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I currently run a vb4 CMS and to be honest am tired of trying to get a modern feel to my front page and forum, now i know xenForo has no CMS which is a key point for me however i am more interested in the attitude of the developers and support,

after browsing the forum i have a few questions ;)

Question 1
can this feature be disabled?

Q: Why doesn't the clicking on the thread title take me to the first post in a thread?

A: If you are a guest, it does.

If you are a registered member however, it makes use of the read-marking system that keeps track of threads you have read and will take you to the first unread post within that thread. It works identically to the 'Go to first unread' button in both vBulletin and IPB.

If you want to access the first post in a thread, regardless of its read state, simply click on the start date.

The thinking behind this behaviour is that for the majority of people, it makes sense to jump to your first unread post. Given that this is the most commonly-intended action, it follows that this should be the primary link in the thread list, rather than a small button that is more difficult to click.

Question 2
can the style of a forum change when you click on a forum?

Question 3
the above posts talks about resource manager can someone explain what this is to me?

Question 3
can trophies be assigned images and then these displayed in postbit?

Question 3
probably completely dumb questions but i don't see many forum signatures about are these limited in some way?

Question 4
I see pages like FAQ and XenForo Help and Manual under the forum sections can these be displayed in the nav bar instead?

Question 5

are the forum icon images changeable by default?

Doesnt like me typing down here maybe ive reached my space or something but are there plans for a bug reporting system bult in like project tools that was released open source for vb

thanks in advance


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1. With code changes, most likely yes.

2. Yes, you can force a node to have a particular style.

3. It will be something for use here on initially, to be used with add-ons. At some point in the future it may be made available as an add-on for customers.

3. You would need an add-on for that.

3. No limits currently exist.

4. Yes, adding tabs to the Navbar is possible. If you want them to remain highlighted then this post may help:

5. Icons can be assigned to forums using EXTRA.css.

There has been no talk of a bug reporting system as yet.