My Header picture is gone!

I recently tried to add an add on. When completed I noticed the header picture, and all the picture in the ACP are gone. I then reversed everything that I installed. But the pictures are still gone.

Also maybe someone here is patient enough to show me how to install an add on correctly to my FTP Client on

Thanks and hope you can help!


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AdminCP -> appearance -> style properties -> header and navigation -> header -> Header Logo Image Path

Though I don't think having that setting incorrect would affect the doodles (pictures) in the admin CP... it could be the files on your server have been altered.
When I click on a member, the image behind the window that pulls up is missing. I am clueless as to what is wrong, but it has to do with images.
Also I found that in the text box, all of the options to change text size, font, and so on are gone. I probably need to reinstall the entire forum?
Which styles folder? in my FTP Client or Xenforo ACP, I am still very new to this. Also which zip file do I upload the styles folder from?

Thanks Jake


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I unzipped xf and these are the contents of the zipped file:
xf contents.PNG

This is what is in the upload directory, it contains a styles folder
xf upload contents.PNG

If you connect to your site using a FTP program (I am assuming you can do that) you will see a public_html directory. In that public_html directory is a folder called styles. upload the styles directory from your local disk to that styles directory on your server.


Had you a custom image?
If yes, have you a backup of this on your pc?
If you have one, i'll upload it for you
Well its not just the header that is missing. I am finding more and more stuff that has gone missing. The tools at the top of the text box are gone, all the pictures in ACP are gone, plus more.


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Download the 1.0.4 upgrade .zip package once again.

Unzip it and FTP it to your installation.
Make sure you have the correct settings in the your FTP application to merge/overwrite the files.

Once it has finished uploading, run the file health check utility and report back with the results.