XF 2.1 My First Moderator - Promoting a Member


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Up till now I am the sole Moderator (Admin)
I want to promte a member to be a moderator
On looking through the various pesmissions, it almost seems that If I set them to be a moderator, I will have to enable some very basic permissions.
it almost seems as if a moderator is not really a normal member
Can someone clarify this for me?


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Thanks for that.
I read that yesterday

But its a typcial Xenforo Manual entry
It does not tell you how it all works
Have you seen how many permssions there are for a Moderator
Probably about 100


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Yes but why are there permissions like...
Post a new thread?
Post Replies?
plus many others

Every normal user can do those why do I have to give permssion to a moderator to do those ?
Its seems a lot of extra work for no reason?
Unless a user would be a moderator only, which seems very unlikely to me.

Mr Lucky

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It looks like you are thinking of usergroup permissions like vBulletin.

Once you have added a user to Moderating usergroup as secondary usergroup, all you need change is any permissons that are additional to normal registered user permissions.

The system is confusing because in addtion to the usergroup, there are also the Moderator group permissons, which in some cases overlap the moderating usergroup permssions


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It's a permission matrix. You need the group for identification (group banner, etc.) and access (node access) etc. But to grant moderation action permissions use Groups & permissions >> Staff >> Moderators. Once you "get it," you get it.