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XF 1.5 Multiple Questions.

Greetings! I'm new to all this, and I have a buncha questions. I am trying to add some backgrounds into certain places on my forum, and I'm just lost. I need to know where to upload them, the codes to apply them and also how to allow a trusted member to work on them with me. I promoted her to Admin but it still doesn't allow her to make overall changes to the appearance of the forum.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
In general, images will need to be uploaded to the server via FTP.

If you clarify where you are trying to add them, we may be able to offer more specific advice.
Thank you again, Brogan! When you say 'add them to the server', do you mean to my own server at Nexcess (my host)? Or is there a place in XenForo that they need to go? I am trying to add backgrounds and toolbars to all of the main pages. I want an aesthetic that kind of matches my author anchor page, found here: http://www.steelhyaena.com/