Multiple polls per thread.


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This has been suggested at least once before -- polls in post I believe was the wording.


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I meant in the OP. I believe IP board has it. You can have multiple polls such has "Who will win the NFC East? "Who will win the NFC Central?" all in one OP.

I think in a post would be too much but I'd welcome that as well if there was a way to disable that feature.


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Still no solution to this?

I am quite new to using Xenforo and all that, and I have searched around and seen billions of old threads about adding multiple polls to a thread, and I was wondering if it's still the case we can only create 1 poll in a thread? There hasnt been made a mod/addon for multiple polls or anything?

What are you guys using / doing incase you want your users to lets say:

Choose one of the following four option
- Option 1
- Option 2
- Option 3
- Option 4

Which day would be the best for you?
- Monday

and then have graphs / results, so everyone can see what the majority is voting for.

Currently it seems like I can only make 1 poll per thread (still, after all these suggestions)

So is it just me that cant find a mod/addon or do you guys have a solution up the sleeve?

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