Multiple Instances Single Domain


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My project, because of the scope, requires an individual installation for each master category, 10+ installations.
(each containing multiple Catagories, Sub-categories, Forums and Sub-forums.)

They would share a common dB so that once a user has logged into a portal they could easily switch between "categories/instance's" without having to login again.

Example: Browse to Domain Portal - Select Instance 1 "Fruit" (or any other instance) and login. Browse News, Bulletins ect and then return to Select Instance 2 "Nuts" since you're already logged in you're able to start browsing, posting, etc.

Instance 1: Fruit
Categories 1: Citrus Fruit - plus many additional Categories
Sub-categories 1: Clementine - plus many additional Sub-categories
Forum 1: Nutrition - plus many additional Forums.

Can I do this with 1 license and is it possible?

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Thanks for the fast response... They would all be under the domain: "Food" as would be shown on all the instances.

Or single installation with each "Main Category" having it's own page listing it's sub-categories and each sub-category having it's own page listing the forums and each forum having a page showing sub-forums and each sub-forum having a page listing topics.

A gigantic forum... Not a gaming community.
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