XF 1.1 Multiple forum import merge into one ... possible?

Donnie La Curan

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Just curious and throwing this out here.

One forum running on the site that was imported from previous software on the same domain.

Second forum on different domain. Can it be imported on top of the current forum?

I don't know if it can happen or not. Users would be merged by email. Would not check keep the same id's since there are already posts in there. Keep the archive log table in the database. Assuming it would create all the forums from importing forum so would have to do some queries to place all of those threads into the appropriate forum. Place the redirect htaccess on the other domain and then the redirect files on the 1st server.
Yes you can run multiple imports on the same XF installation. That allows you to merge two vB forums into one XF forum. User accounts are merged by email / username.

The main consideration is redirects. You can use these scripts:


You will upload two sets of redirect scripts, one for each source forum. The 301config.php file is edited to specify the name of the import log for that import. During the import you will have the opportunity to name the import log. You need to give the import log for each import a different name so you can setup two sets of redirects.
Would I rename the 2nd 301config.php or maybe stick all of the redirect stuff in a subfolders for the 2nd domain?

The redirect scripts need to be on the same server as your XF forum. So if one of the source forums is on a different server then you can setup redirects on that other server to forward the requests to the XF server, and then the redirect scripts on the XF server would change it over to the XF URLs.
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